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The Brofist League's legacy has ended, but not without a long road of great memories. We've had many wonderful players, and so many fun events (over forty!). This community started with a dream for a place where people could roleplay and have fun the way it used to be, to enjoy themselves and not stress about being judged. And we absolutely accomplished that. Everyone, even the people who left for personal reasons or walked straight off the face of the earth, contributed to the great thing we have always been. This game, this family, was built not by me- it was built by the wonderful playerbase it is made of.

The pioneers of this game, players like Moot, Fantom, Flag, Greer, Doku, Nuke, Sono, Suri, Morz, even Ration- got the fun ball rolling and it's never stopped, perhaps slowed, but never ceased in its entertainment.

I want to thank all of you, past and present players, for participating in the premier Interdimensional Reality Show known as the Brofist League.

The ride has been fun, and no dream lasts forever, but you have taken this game, this idea, so far beyond my wildest expectations. Over a year and a half of solid excellence! And not once have I ever regretted making this place. I've brought lots of you together, given you a place to belong I hope, and here at the end of all things, we step into 2011 with new friendships and hope for the future. There will be a big open party post in the community, for everyone to have their fun together one last time, and then this place will become a permanent musebox- which everyone is welcome to keep on using at their leisure!

I love you, BFL. I can't... even begin to express what this place means to me. I love this RP like a son, god I'm tearing up as I write, not gonna lie. I wish Radric could keep this show going for a thousand seasons. But not everyone can be American Idol, so, it's best to give this place some well-deserved closure.

Thank you. Thank you so much. I don't think I could've handled all the rough times in my life without this game to look forward to. The chat days of yore were the highlight of my day, keeping us all up late into the night to talk about typoes, tits, Enoby, world events and god knows what else.

If you have any fond memories, I implore you to share them!

I salute you, Brofist. Keep on fighting the good fight.
2nd-Dec-2010 09:58 pm(no subject)
shut up I'm making beautiful music., ♬
I haven't been active here in weeks/months, which is my fault entirely, but I can't seem to connect here anymore, which is also my fault. I've tried to come back, but every time I try to make a post, I draw blank. So, I've decided instead of sitting on my characters, I'll just go ahead and bow out.

After a year or so here, it's finally time for me to head on. Thank you for all the wonderful times and all the wonderful interactions with the muns/characters. You guys are seriously awesome.

30th-Nov-2010 09:16 pm - droppin' out.
I'm really sorry but I just... can't think of anything to do here anymore.

dropping uumaria and kindacatty 

23rd-Nov-2010 08:31 pm(no subject)
Wait! Really... Back up... WHAT?!? Am I serious like WUT?!

Well after a while... I shall drop my Kida due to school. But when I do have time, I will probably re-app Kida if he's not taken by then OR I shall app Izaya and troll you all!!

Anyways you guys are great! And I hope I recover from my cold soon. If you need to talk to me or enable me, my aim is iforgodt!

Have fun without me you guys~ :]




20th-Oct-2010 03:33 pm - yeah hey guess what i'm done
Turns out, roleplaying wasn't really my thing. You know, as if the month of no activity wasn't indication enough.

I know the Homestar account someone else made is pretty much invalidated now, and I'm sorry for that. And looking through the posts here, I was more than likely kicked anyway, so there's that.

Later trails.
15th-Oct-2010 07:46 pm - PROTIPS
I'll be posting the Inception event Saturday night. That is, about 24 hours from now!

And then our next event will be karaoke. Because I am shocked we never did that.

I hope everyone is enjoying the open format! You are welcome to bring in friends, and please do so! ♥

All lists will be updated tomorrow as well.

Have a good evening!

ADDENDUM: If you have apped more characters since our transition, please make sure you comment to our contact post so everyone is kept track of!
10th-Oct-2010 04:32 pm - drop
BROFIST » hell yeah
So I really haven't done much with Kanda here. He has like. one post. and a couple of threads floating around. It was fun while it lasted, though! I loved every thread I had, and you're all wonderfully derpy people \o/ --or, at least, the ones I've met are.

but alas.. it's time to say good bye.

rock on, brofist.
8th-Oct-2010 10:21 pm - bit late but here we go
Not a new player, just tategamiwolf , who plays Maria , just stating I'm now playing Meowth from the Pokemon anime too!

...also dropping Carl Clover , I lost him some time ago and just don't feel like trying any more since Litchi dropped.
Come and get some
yeah it's Tim bringing in Samurai Jack

from Samurai Jack

he's a samurai and I guess his name is Jack

the end
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